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Application for the position as Graphic Designer


I got news of this position through a friend of mine, Rhulane, who is working at Naked. When reading more about the position and what requires I thought this would be perfect for me.

My name is Rasmus Sjölin, 41 years old and working mainly as an Art Director and Graphic Designer at Streetlab Skateboardshop in Malmö.

I always have trouble putting a title on what I do, usually depends on who’s asking. Been working at Streetlab since we opened in 2001. Started working extra during my education as graphic designer and web-design. When I finished my studies I started working fulltime as a graphic designer at Streetlab, mainly doing artwork and prints for our own clothing and skateboards. Shortly after we decided to start our webshop and I got to be in charge of this, both the layout, graphics, and products.

Over the years I have managed, and still do, our site, our online marketing, all publications both print and web, and also product shooting and film/edit. I still do all our graphics for boards and clothing. The owner of Streetlab is a close friend of mine, and I have always felt, and worked, as if I was part owner. Besides the day to day work I also do our buyings, pre-book meetings, planning and executing events, releases, and am responsible of our social media.

There is a reason that I have worked at Streetlab for almost 19 years. Besides my love for skateboarding, I have always valued being apart of how Streetlab is run, being a key player in most things evolving our store, brand, and identity. Being able to plan my own work and to work with multiple things and different media all the time.

My resumé is not filled with careers and different workplaces. But I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. I’m loyal and have learned so much by working with so many different things.

A also do freelance work as a graphic designer at my spare time. Didn’t really mean to, but when I started posting more of my work on social media, people started asking me about client work. I always draw at home anyway, so I might as well do it for clients.

I hope this sounds interesting for you. Hard to draw a picture of who I am, and what I do, in a few sentences. Would be happy to come meet up and talk more about it, what you are looking for, and how I can contribute.

This page is my personal portfolio, with some of my graphics, and client work. Please look around. My graphic style is more towards the “handdrawn” where I tend to use the computer for design as little as possible. Of course this style differs a lot from when I do banners, posts, and other graphic work for our web and publications.


Needles to say, I have a long and close relation working with Nike SB, Adidas, Vans, Cons and other shoebrands. Over the years I’ve built a personal relation to many people in this business, and have worked with bigger drops, quickstrikes, product copy, marketing, ads and so on within this.

Thank you for the time. Looking forward hearing from you.

Rasmus Sjölin

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