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In Memory of Daniel Tält

Artwork made for a skateboard graphic

I can’t say that I was a really close friend of Daniel, but I knew him through skateboarding.

When thinking of him, the things that comes to my mind are humble, always happy, big hearted, talented skater, big fan of the eS Accel shoe, and being part of the “Lindängen Label” crew.

Daniel died 10 years ago in cancer, only 31 years old.

I’m proud to be part of this tribute board series by Streetlab, together with 3 other artists.

Thanks Jonas Adolfsson for asking and making it happen.

For this board I wanted to try something that I usually don’t do. Watercolor painting, showing Lindängen Center in Malmö, where he lived when I first met him.

All profit from these boards are donated to Barncancerfonden

and their work against childhood cancer.

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